De Otro Planeta
Sauvignon Gris

Curicó Valley

Wines difficult to explain … but that speak by themselves! And surely they did not come from this world…

The purest expression of carefully selected organic grapes, fermented with their native yeasts in clay amphora and without addition of sulphites.

pure and natural

Wine made without the use of any winemaking additive or sulphites. This rare Sauvigon Gris has a 10-month maceration in clay amphora, without temperature control, in order to deliver the purest expression of our grapes its vineyard.

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100% Organic Sauvignon Gris from Curicó Valley. Fermented and macerated for 10 months in clay amphora, without the use of winemaking additives.


Los Huañiles, Curicó Valley. Organic vineyard, with intense use of animals such as geese, ducks and turkeys to control pests. Surrounded by other organic cultures like cherries and pumpkins.


Focus on giving the maximum autonomy to the field, amplifying the existing life in the soil and subsoil, to have to intervene as little as possible. Without pesticides or herbicides of any kind. Loads of approx. 15,000 Kgs./Ha.


Manual harvest. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, without temperature control. The clusters are destemmed and the berries are transferred to clay amphora of 500l. After fermentation, the wine remains in maceration for about 10 months, without added sulphites or other additives.


About 10 months of storage and maceration in 500L clay amphora, without temperature control. After aging, the wine is pressed, decanted by gravity and bottled without clarification or filtration.


Luca Hodgkinson. He was born and raised in Priorat, Catalonia. Master in Bordeaux, has intentionally unlearned much of what he had learned academically.

Responsible for the organic conversion of François Lurton’s vineyards in Chile and Argentina, he currently advises various sincere wine projects in Chile.

Technical Data

Production: 1,500 bottles
% Vol. 12%
Total Acidity: 3.24 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 1.00 g/l
Free So2: 6 ppm
Total So2: 35 ppm

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