De Otro Planeta
Moscatel de Alejandría

Itata Valley

Wines difficult to explain … but that speak by themselves! And surely they did not come from this world…

The purest expression of carefully selected organic grapes, fermented with their native yeasts in open top barrels and without addition of sulphites.

pure and natural

Wine made without the use of any winemaking additive or sulphites addition. We ferment and age it in old oak barrels, without temperature control, in order to deliver the purest expression of our grapes its vineyard.

tasting notes

Within the context of much exuberance of the variety, this one is quite austere. It has many floral aromas along with ripe white fruits. In the mouth, there is a good balance between acidity and sweetness. Descorchados Guide 2022, 92 points.


Oriental cuisines, especially sweet and sour dishes such as pad thai and salmon or shrimp with fruit sauces. It also pairs well with desserts with fruits and nuts or almonds.


100% Skin-Contact Moscatel de Alejandría (orange wine). Made with naturally farmed grapes from ungrafted vines more than 50 years old from Itata Valley in Chile. Dry-farmed without the use of any pesticides. Fermented with native yeasts and skin-contact for 1 month, and then aged for 10 months in used oak barrels without the addition of any additives or sulfites. Not fined or filtered, to keep the purest expression of a Moscatel de Alejandría that surely did not come from this planet!


Huaro sector in the Guarilihue/Coelemu zone, Itata Valley – This is one of the highest sector of Guarilihue. Vineyard located approximately 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean with vines more than 50 years old. Planted over highly decomposed granite and quartz soils and north sun exposure, with head-pruned (or “goblet”) vines.


Noncertified organic farming, focusing on giving maximum autonomy to the field and to amplifying the existing life in the ground and subsoil, to intervene as little as possible. No use of pesticides or chemical additives. Due the head-pruned vines, no machine or truck is used – all field work is made with the help of horses.


Hand harvested grapes. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, without temperature control. The clusters are destemmed, and the berries are gravity-fed to 225l open-top used oak barrels, where fermentation with skin-contact takes about 1 month at its own pace. The wine is then pressed, and it returns to the used oak barrels for aging. No use of any additive or addition of sulfites.


About 10 months in used oak barrels. After racking, the wine is bottled without filtering.


Luca Hodgkinson. He was born and raised in Priorat, Catalonia. Master in Bordeaux, has intentionally unlearned much of what he had learned academically.

Responsible for the organic conversion of François Lurton’s vineyards in Chile and Argentina, he currently advises various sincere wine projects in Chile.

Technical Data

Production: 1,200 bottles
% Vol. 13.5%
Total Acidity: 3.38 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 0.90 g/l
pH: 3.84
Free So2: 04 ppm
Total So2: 34 ppm

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