Siete Perros Pét-Nat Moscatel de Alejandría

Itata Valley

Please be carefull upon opening this vibrant Pét-Nat, which may be even more explosive than our little beagle Tornado.

Made with naturally farmed grapes from dry-farmed vines more than 50 years old, this sparkling wine was bottled just in the middle of its fermentation with indigenous yeats, preserving its bubbles in the bottle.

No added additivies or sulfites to preserve its raw character and energy.






Open and serve as cold as posible, no more than 40°F.


Pét-Nat 100% Moscatel de Alejandría from Itata Valley. Made with naturally farmed grapes from ungrafted vines more than 50 years old. Dry-farmed without the use of any pesticides. Bottled before the fermentation with native yeasts is over, preserving the bubbles in the bottle. Aged for 10 months on the lees before dégorgement by hand. Not fined or filtered. No addition of any additives or sulfites.


Huaro sector in the Guarilihue/Coelemu zone, Itata Valley – This is one of the highest sector of Guarilihue. Vineyard located approximately 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean with vines more than 50 years old. Planted over highly decomposed granite and quartz soils and north sun exposure, with head-pruned (or “goblet”) vines.


Noncertified organic farming, focusing on giving maximum autonomy to the field and to amplifying the existing life in the ground and subsoil, to intervene as little as possible. No use of pesticides or chemical additives. Due the head-pruned vines, no machine or truck is used – all field work is made with the help of horses.


Manual harvesting, at its ideal maturity for a sparkling wine. Fermentation with native yeasts in stainless steel tanks. Bottled by gravity using a manual filler with density around 1.009. No filtration and no use of any additive or sulfites.


Aged on the lees for about 10 months in the bottle, before dégorgement.


Luca Hodgkinson. He was born and raised in Priorat, Catalonia. Master in Bordeaux, has intentionally unlearned much of what he had learned academically.

Responsible for the organic conversion of François Lurton’s vineyards in Chile and Argentina, he currently advises various sincere wine projects in Chile.

Technical Data

Production: 701 bottles
% Vol. 11.0%
Total Acidity: 2.86 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 0.47 g/l
pH: 3.42
Free So2: 00 ppm
Total So2: 00 ppm

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Ficha Casalibre Siete Perros Pét-Nat Moscatel de Alejandría 2021

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