Siete Perros Chardonnay

San Antonio Valley

It´s true that at a first glance our little dachshund Pierre looks quite intellectual and sophisticated…but inside there´s a lively spirit, like our Chardonnay.

Looking for inspiration in the native country of this variety, this wine was made with organic grapes hand-harvested from a selected vineyard a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. It was fermented with its native yeasts and no oak was used during its aging to preserve its purity and freshness.

unoaked chardonnay

This wine is our interpretation of a pure Chardonnay: it is made in stainless steel tanks, without the use of oak barrels or wood chips, in order to preserve its rich acidity and the freshness of the grapes.

tasting notes

“This Chardonnay is pure freshness, generous in aromas, but above all with a very good mouth. It has weight, and that weight feels full of flavors, while the acidity accompanies until the end, refreshing and providing tension”
91 Points Guia Descorchados 2021


Recommended pairing includes seafood, sushi, fish and chiken, as well pasta and risottos with vegetables. Serve at 45°F to 50°F.


100% organic Chardonnay from El Rosario, San Antonio Valley, under strong influence of the Pacific Ocean. Unoaked.


El Rosario, San Antonio Valley. Located less than 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Organic farming following biodynamic principles. Granitic clay and sandy soils.


Focus on giving maximum autonomy to the field, amplifying the existing life in the ground and subsoil, to intervene as little as possible.


Manual harvesting, at its ideal maturity and subjected to rigorous selection. Fermentation with native yeasts and with controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. Clarification with Bentonite and light filtration before bottling. Without any additives other than sulphites.


No use of oak. 100% aged in in stainless steel tanks for more than one year before clarification and bottling.


Luca Hodgkinson. He was born and raised in Priorat, Catalonia. Master in Bordeaux, has intentionally unlearned much of what he had learned academically.

Responsible for the organic conversion of François Lurton’s vineyards in Chile and Argentina, he currently advises various sincere wine projects in Chile.

Technical Data

Produción: 6,500 botellas
% Vol. 14%
Acidez Total: 3.68 g/l
Acidez Volátil: 0.38 g/l
Sulfuroso libre: 31 ppm
Sulfuroso total: 88 ppm

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Ficha Casalibre Siete Perros Chardonnay 2018

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